Todd Pitts

Todd has been performing in bands and as a solo artist for more then 20 years performing original as well as cover music. A native Floridian, Todd's powerful yet soulful tenor voice allows him to recreate the style and tone of Don Henley vocals with precision. Whether belting classic Eagles songs like Witchy Woman and Desperado or Henley's solo material like Dirty Laundry and Heart of the Matter you are sure to be impressed.

When asked about the Alter Eagles project Todd said "The Eagles music like a number of other artists from that era has the ability to transport me mentally back to the 70s. I listened to their Greatest Hits album 100s of times and never grew tired of it. This has been the most challenging and rewarding project I've been a part of without a doubt!

Greg Pitts

Greg began playing guitar at the age of 10 when he stole the guitar his brother received for Christmas. Later, when playing in his High School Band, "Stupidity," Greg's singing career began when he was the only one in the band who could carry a tune. Growing up in the 70's, early influences were Eric Clapton, Black Sabbath, Ted Nugent, Van Halen, and of course, the Eagles. Greg's college band, "Stryker," played the circuit of Girls Colleges surrounding West Point, which didn't pay very well but presented significant fringe benefits. He survived the New Wave hysteria with minimal video/photographic evidence of the tragic hair/clothing/music choices he made in the 80's. Lately, he's been playing classic Rock with the "Illegitimate Osmonds (IO)," "The Boomers" out of Orlando, and "The 97 West Band," "Black Horse," and "Burn" in Tampa.

Thaddeus Wiley

Coming from a family of musicians, Thaddeus has been working with instruments his entire life. He was born and raised in Pittsburgh & began playing music alongside his dad at 7 years old. From there he quickly grew into a true musician writing his own music and learning multiple instruments along the way.

With experience in Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Lead and Back up vocals, Thaddeus has had the pleasure of being a part of many projects and recordings including CD releases from Pittsburgh local artists Common Ground, The Coyotes, Just Plain Joe, Jeff Wiley, and Wiley Hill.

A move to Florida in 2006 with his wife and 2 daughters found Thaddeus playing solo gigs until he joined The Defendants. He played guitar and fronted this group for three years, before deciding to pursue a full-time music career. About that time, Todd Pitts contacted Thaddeus after finding a video clip of him performing “Closer to Home” on you tube.

As the Alter Eagels Bass player, Thaddeus is thrilled to bring his unique talent, energy, and charisma to this very special project.

Todd McNamee (T2)

Todd has been playing guitar for nearly 30 years. He is a life-long Eagles fan, especially with Joe Walsh in the lineup. Playing the parts of Joe Walsh is a dream-job for Todd. There is a very unique style there that ranges from tasty signature licks to classic Joe Walsh slide solos.

From the late 80's to the mid 1990's Todd played extensively in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania bar circuit in such bands as One Night Stand and Legal Tender. Todd enjoys making and customizing guitars and uses several of them in both recording and live performances. Primary influences in addition to Walsh and the Eagles include Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton.

Eric Pluchino

Eric, “Rick, the Sticks Pluchino,” played his first paying gig in a club at fifteen years of age. His father had to drive him there and even help unload his drum kit. It was probably not a good idea to let a bunch of underage guys play in a drinking establishment, but everyone stayed out of jail and the “Mystics” received even more bookings. In 1968, being a member of the “Warlocs,” they recorded Orlando’s first music video and also opened for the Classics Four. Eric had the privilege in 1970 of performing with The Diamonds as their stand-in drummer. There have been many groups and styles that have influenced Eric’s love of percussion. Buddy Rich being at the top of his list; followed closely by David Garibaldi, drummer for The Tower of Power; Earth, Wind, and Fire; and of course, the Eagles. Eric has been beating the drums with Orlando’s finest convention/party/club band, “The Boomers,” for the past 26 years.