Quite simply, we are huge fans of the Eagles and the music they created over the course of thier careers.  The Eagles are also,in our estimation, the most succesful and compelling US musical group of all time. Timeless lyrics coupled with the deep tapestry of vocals, intricate instrumental arrangements and unmistakable guitar riffs continue to make the Eagles as relevant and powerful today as they have been for decades. Were you aware that:

• The Eagles “Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)” is the number 1 selling album of all time in North America.
• 3 months after initial release as a single in 1977 “Hotel California” was certified by RIAA for 1,000,000 records shipped.
• In 2009, the song was again certified Platinum by the RIAA for sales of 1,000,000 digital downloads.

The Alter Eagles play all of the Eagles classics, as well as songs from the newer albums and solo careers. Desperado, 7 Bridges Road, Heartache Tonight, One of these Nights and of course Hotel California (which boasts Rolling Stones 8th greatest guitar solo ever) are just a few in their repertoire.

Any fan of the Eagles music will recognize the subtle complexities of instruments and vocals paired with exacting harmonies when attending an Alter Eagles event. It takes Industry veterans to perform the music at its best and to perform it LIVE as it was intended to be.